Proficiency testing for teachers/job candidates

Employees or job candidates who will use Spanish in their jobs are strongly encouraged to demonstrate their proficiency on an official test. Proven proficiency levels are one important piece of information used in assigning courses or determining if a job candidate is the right fit for a particular assignment.

For Spanish proficiency testing we use the OPIc (speaking) and WPT (writing) tests which are delivered via computer. We can schedule these tests during any 2.5 hour block when you and one of our proctors are both available - it's usually best to send a few date/time options to Mr. Aldrich.

The test is given at the Central Office. Tests are scored externally by people who are only judging your proficiency based on the evidence you provide, so it is best to say or write as much as you can for each question/prompt. Scores typically come back within two weeks.

Tests are rated on the ACTFL proficiency scale.

Typical proficiency ranges (your results may vary!):
Native speakers with college education in their native language - Advanced High or Superior
Native speakers with college education in English - Advanced Mid or Advanced High
Heritage speakers with college education in English - Intermediate High, Advanced Low or Advanced Mid
Non-native speakers with college majors in Spanish and significant experience in Spanish-speaking countries - Intermediate High, Advanced Low, or Advanced Mid
Non-native speakers with significant Spanish study and limited time in Spanish-speaking countries - Intermediate Low, Intermediate Mid, or Intermediate High